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Officina Stellare is a company specialized in the engineering and manufacture of “state of the art” telescopes. Our philosophy is to create products that astonish the professionals in astronomy for their level of quality and perfection, both optical and mechanical.

If you are a professional of astroimaging or a scientific or educational institution, you will find the products of Officina Stellare the best available on the world market.

A product of Officina Stellare guarantees the best performance achievable in its class. We manufacture the best optics, for the optical configurations applied and the quality of components. We use the best and most advanced materials to achieve performing and innovative mechanics, the craftsmanship is perfect and the distinguishing design is such that a telescope from Officina Stellare gives the owner pleasure of possessing a truly beautiful product.

We offer a wide range of top products going from the professional Ritchey-Chrčtiens to the innovative wide-field, super-fast Riccardi-Honders design. A range of high performance apochromatic triplet refractors is dedicated to the most demanding professionals for astroimaging and visual observation. The company can also offer special optical products for aerospace applications.

The nameIn Italian Officina Stellare means “workshop of the stars”, to underline that we design and manufacture products for observation and photography of the skies, products of high technological content but at the same time built with the care, attention and passion that only a craftsman in a workshop can apply to his work.

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