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Lint Free Precision Lens Cleaning Wipes



  • Soft – Super-soft fibers prevent scratching precision surfaces. Thick material cushions wiping action and conforms to surface for easy cleaning.
  • Clean – Lint-free for use under laminar flow hoods and in clean room environments (Class 100).
  • wipesHighly Absorbant – Soaks up solvents and retains them with ideal rate of evaporation for streak-free cleaning of polished and coated glass surfaces.
  • Durable Fiber Matrix – Maintains integrity when wet.
  • Efficient – Particle trapping matrix lifts particles and residue away from surface and locks them up for cleaning with a single motion.
  • Blue or White – Light fibers retain and withstand strong solvents like methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), methylene chloride (MEC), acetone, or alcohol. No bleaches. No bleeding.




  • Proven results – Used in precision lens assembly, coating operations, and ophthalmic manufacturing.
  • Economical – Only pennies per sheet.
  • Re-useable.
  • Strong – Hydro-entangled polyester and cellulose fibers. Designed for clean room environments.
  • Special Texture – Designed for compliance, softness and trapping of particles and residue.



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