Spatial Filters

spatfilts1Over its 48 year history, Data Optics has developed and refined a very versatile Spatial Filter design which can be obtained in various arrangements, including the popular compact designs of 5010 and 5011. These spatial filters use standard microscope objective lenses and 3/8" diameter pinhole disks, both available from Data Optics in a variety of sizes (refer to the link following this for information on sizes available).


The objective lens is mounted in a sliding tube for coarse focus adjustment. The tube and objective lens can be readily removed for inspection or replacement without disturbing the pinhole. The pinhole disk is mounted in a holder which also can be easily removed. The pinhole holders are designed so that objective lenses of extremely short focal length may be used without obstruction of the emerging beam. While holders are available for glue or magnetic mounting of the pinhole disk, the magnetic holder has the advantage of allowing the disks to be readily replaced.


Micrometer actuators on the dovetail slides have a spherical face which, coupled with the return spring and adjustable gib, provides a smooth, fine focusing, free of backlash.


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Microscope Objective LensesPrecision Pinholes and Slits

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