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The new Specbos family offers compact, spectrometric instruments, designed to measure the color coordinates, spectral characteristics and light levels of transmissive and reflective targets. These small, modular, easy to use spectrographic systems offer accurate solutions within the UV, VIS and NIR ranges.

The basic spectral diffuser used is a high quality holographic diffraction grating, which exhibits very low stray light and high dynamic range. Many instruments also incorporate built-in light sources and offer several measuring probes. All units are delivered complete with PC-compatible software, power supply, operations manual and transit case.

Specbos instruments are simple to use. No separate light source, spectrometer or electronics modules with interconnecting cables. No struggling with computer interfacing. Simply install the software, connect the instrument to your PC's serial or USB port and plug in power. You are now ready to acquire and analyze spectra!

General technical data:

Wavelength range

380...760 nm typical for VIS only versions

350...1000 nm typical for VIS/NIR versions

250...1000 nm typcial for UV/VIS/NIR
250...500 nm typical for UV only versions

Optical resolution

9 nm (6 nm with 50 Ám fiber) FWHM

Digital resolution

14-bit or 15-bit A/D converter

Optical input

SMA or ST fiber-optic connectors

Stray light

Less than 0.1%

PC serial interfaces

USB 2.0 or RS-232c (9-pin D connector)

Please refer to the appropriate data sheet for more details on a particular instrument. We also offer and provide multi-channel spectrometers, fiber-optic and micro-optic measuring heads for OEM applications, OEM read-out electronics for line arrays and light sources. We additionally offer components and customer-specific products. Contact us to find a specific solution for your particular application.

Choose an appropriate model for your application:

Measurement Type


Recommended Model

Radiometry of Light Sources

Relative VIS emission of lamps, LED, daylight

Specbos 1001

Relative emission of UV sources in UVA and UVB range like sun tanning lamps and UV lithography sources

Specbos 1001 UV

Spectral luminance / illuminance and color measurement of diffuse light sources, e.g. TV and PC CRT, electro luminescent displays and room illumination

Specbos 1201, Focus & Flash

Specbos 1211, UV & Focus

Specbos 1301, 1311 & 1401

Transmission Photometry of Materials during processing

UV/VIS spectral transmission / reflectivity measurement of optical materials during processing

Versa PS2000

Download this summary brochure for a summary of the newly updated JETI Specbos models.


pdfDownload Specbos brochure


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