We are pleased to deliver high quality products from

the following fine companies, in addition to our own:



Applied Image Group - Precision patterns, grids, optical slits and calibration targets


JETI Technische Instrumente - Miniature instruments for precisely measuring the color of light in all different situations. Their products include spectroradiometers, spectrophotometers and spectrometers in the UV / VIS / NIR. The user pc software is particularly easy to set up and use.


National Aperture Inc. - Precision pinholes, air slits & custom patterns in thin metal foil


NAI Motion - Precision motorized stages, linear & rotary, & controls


NoIR LaserShields - Laser safety eyewear, windows


Odhner Holographics - Active fringe stabilization systems for holography & interferometry applications


Officina Stellare - Superb observatory-class reflective and refractive telescopes & astrographs, custom design


Opto-Alignment Technology - Equipment & supplies for optical manufacturing


Optometrics - Polka-dot beam splitters, dividers/combiners, interference filters, diffraction gratings, IR laser optics, polarizers


Picard Indusries - Insert / remove optical elements or beam blockers. USB-connected lab motion solutions. Includes shutters, filter wheels, flippers, twisters, pushers, beam splitters, neutral density gradient wheels, etc., all under convenient computer control.


Rainbow Research Optics - Precision optical elements


Scintacor - UV / VIS / IR phosphor targets, IR cameras & adapters


Universe Kogaku America - Microscope objective lenses & eyepieces


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