Precision Pinholes, Slits & Custom Precision Patterns in Thin Metal


pinslitPrecision pinhole disks in Standard and High Power models are available, both mounted and unmounted. All pinhole disks are 0.375" diameter and are also compatible with spatial filters from other manufacturers. Standard power pinholes are made of 302 stainless steel; and high power pinholes are made from copper with gold plating on one side and flat poly black coating on the other and are intended for use with high continuous power (i.e. Argon and Krypton) lasers and high pulse power lasers. Precision slits with similar specifications are also available.



Custom laser cut patterns of all sorts can be made in thin metal film from a variety of materials. Rows and arrays of pinholes or slits, assorted sizes, other shapes, etc., can all be fabricated to the customer specifications. Call for custom quotations on the pattern you need for your application.


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Spatial FiltersPrecision Pinholes and Slits

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